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Every Sunday Raipur is now going to be pollution free, motor free and dedicated to health and fitness. Its going to be a day when citizens of Raipur are going to spend only for their wellness and fitness with this fresh initiative RMC is launching "MATARGASHTI".

About Matargashti

This event, the First of its kind will be held in morning on every sunday at Telibandha organised as a fun and activity related events people of all age groups.

Our Goal

Our goal for this initiatives is to encourage people to take care of their health, to learn the facts they need to make smart health choices and make time for their family and friends in this busy schedule of work.

Our Events

Sports Activities

Cylcing, Skating, Running, Walking

Fitness Activities

Zumba, Callisthenics

Yoga Medidation


Route Chart


Our Team

Mr. Nitish Jha, Sub Engg RMC
Ms. Kriti Sharma, Sub Engg RMC
Mr. Anshul Sharma, Sub Engg RMC
Ms. Arjita Diwan, Sub Engg RMC
Mr. Shailendra Patel, Sub Engg RMC


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